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My electrolysis treatment started with 1 hour sessions once a week to treat dark, curly, course facial hair. After maintaining my treatment sessions on a regular basis the remaining hairs are finer and inconspicuous. My treatments sessions are now weeks apart taking only a half-hour. My experience with Patty has been wonderful. Patty is not only good at what she does, she is also a wonderful person and friend. I give Patty my highest recommendation to anyone wanting to get rid of unwanted hair.


I have been thoroughly satisfied with treatments on my chin. Patty is awesome and is so great at explaining the ins and outs of electrolysis. This has been my first experience and has been happy with the results. She's clean and she's fast! Highly recommend.


Some years back I went to Patty to have hair removed from my upper lip. She produced success in a short amount of time. I've since moved out of the area and in the meantime had my bikini line lasered only to experience a large cash loss and disappointment. I called Patty and she remembered me. We started treatment then and I'm proud to say, I comfortable got into my bathing suit for a swim at the gym without worrying about the unsightly mess or razor burn or ingrown hairs from waxing. Thanks Patty!


I'm a fair-skinned, Italian woman & facial hair that has always been an embarrassing and unruly problem for me. Because of my light skin and dark hair, I was told I was a perfect candidate for laser hair removal. After about 10 treatments at $2,000, I the end I still had facial hair.

I had tried electrolysis years ago and it was very painful. After some convincing, I started seeing Patty about a year ago. The pain is minimal, but absolutely worth it! I trust Patty completely and I'm still astonished that I'm almost (facial) hair-free!


Patty's office is clean and professional. She is friendly, kind, gentle, and works quickly and carefully. She goes to great pains (no pun intended) to make sure you, the client, is comfortable, and it's clear she genuinely cares. Most importantly, Patty is *great* with trans clients, understands our needs and concerns, and seems to get a lot of joy from helping us. Patty is totally worth it, and doubly so if you're trans!


 For more information or to schedule an appointment or consultation, please call: 201.447.5347.

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